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Welcome Valued Travel Agents!

Fall has arrived and with it, our new 2015 charter schedule! You will find we have expanded many of our programs from last year with added departures and new stay lengths as well as the addition of the new gateways Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland and Indianapolis.

Don’t forget about our Grand Bahama Island flights out of Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Nashville, Memphis, Newark, Baltimore and Cincinnati! These are perfect for quick fall getaways that are close to home. Make sure to check out Memories Grand Bahama Island for a great all-inclusive resort on the island.

Have you submitted your Express Cash form? Make sure to submit your forms soon to ensure you have the money back in time for holiday shopping!

Click here for our full charter schedule, but here is a quick run-down of what’s starting this winter and spring:

Buffalo, a new gateway, will now have flights to Cancun starting in January for 7-night packages and in February will have packages to Punta Cana featuring 7-night stays.

New gateway Cleveland will enjoy 6-night packages to both Cancun, starting February, and Punta Cana, starting March

Newark will now offer 6-night flights to Cancun, starting in February.

Starting this winter, Pittsburgh will offer 6-nights to Cancun, in February, and Punta Cana, in March.

In addition to Cincinnati’s 6 and 7 night flights to Cancun that will continue through fall and winter, a new 4 nighter will be added plus the return of the popular 6 and 7 night Punta Cana starting in March.

Richmond non-stop flights to Cancun return in March, just in time for Spring Break.

The popular Columbus to Cancun flights will return with the new addition of 6-night flights to Punta Cana both starting in March.

Brand new gateway, Indianapolis will join our charter flights with 6-night Cancun packages starting in March.

In Nashville, travelers can get away to Cancun and Punta Cana, starting in March.

Finally, Charlotte will continue their popular Cancun and Punta Cana flights starting March.

Wishing You a Successful and Happy Fall,

Rene Jongmans
Vacation Express

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