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Activities and Recreations at Palmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del CarmenActivities and Recreations at Palmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del CarmenActivities and Recreations at Palmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del Carmen

Activities and Recreations at Palmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del Carmen

Activities & Recreation

At Palmaïa - The House of AïA, guests will experience a tranquil retreat getaway that will help everyone to grow within and become more balanced in mind, body and spirit. Palmaïa considers these questions when creating activities for guests to partake in: How can one unlock the four interior doors - the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual? How can one be fully realized in body and soul or as one with your true being?


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The Weekly Architects Program
Mind: An infinite space to explore the internal worlds of our being.

  • Meditation: is a training for the mind and heart leading to the knowledge of greater mental freedom and emotional.
  • Mind Control: meditative physical exercises to achieve the cessation of internal dialogue and the anxiety.
  • Gravity control: a meditative mind game using rocks and other objects in nature to test and manipulate the force of gravity. Gravity control makes you focus on tactile sensitivity while controlling breathe.
  • Meditative Concert: for those undergoing anxiety and stress, this class fuses sound vibrations from multiple instruments and frequencies that puts the mind and body in a deep meditative and restful state. Multi-musical vibration heals the psyche and spirit leaving you feeling calm.
  • Natural art: explore art and dive into your creative spirit using natural materials as leaves, feathers and plants.
  • Therapeutic Yoga: combines restorative yoga with breathwork and guided meditation. It is deeply meditative and is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle while bringing the body to balance and reducing stress.
  • Partner Yoga: deepens and expands your current practice. With partner yoga, you’re able to add resistance and try new poses while deepening your bond and trust.
  • Art Class: enjoy a relaxing art class in the shade learning to accurately observe and transfer the virtual reality and imagination to paper in drawing and color mixing with fun learning experiences new habilities.
  • Talk with the Shaman: balder, our personal growth guide will talk about topics related to human nature to awaken the “Shaman"that is inside each one.
  • Mantras: mantras came from India where the ancient culture used sounds and frequencies, grouped into syllables, to create powerful effects of positive transformation to the human psyche. This mediation class uses mantras to help you focus and concentrate.

Movement: Everything is in motion; all is vibration and dance. Practice caring for your body, mind and spirit by developing knowledge that flourishes as wisdom.
  • Pranayama: a breathwork class that goes over the 11 different Pranayama breathing techniques to increase energy, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation and the immune system.
  • Tai Chi: a Chinese study of change in response to an outside source where one leads into an attack rather than meet it with opposing force. Tai Chi is a discipline that helps one balance the body’s energy and emotions and control ones thoughts.
  • Geometry of Power: life manifest itself in perfect energetic harmony and physically, discover your connection with the subtle frequencies through the lines that shape reality.
  • Ancestral Dance: Reserved space in our programa free the body, allowing to explore movements to release everything that does not allow us access to the inner sacred place, to our true home, to ourselves.
  • Chi Kung: Chi Kung or Qi Gong is a medicinal therapy of therapy of Chinese origin that belongs in the same group as other therapies such as tai chi or reiki. All of them come from the oriental tradition and support their principles on the importance of channeling energy properly vital.
  • Hatha yoga: a branch of yoga that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.
  • Vinyasa yoga: sometimes known as yoga flow, vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you seamlessly move from one to another.
  • Kundalini Yoga: A blend of Bhatki, Raja and Shakti yoga, it focuses on awakening the kundalini energy or divine energy through a practice of mantra, tantra and meditation. It is believed to lead to spiritual liberation.

Ceremonies & Rituals: We celebrate the encounter between nature, mind and heart.
  • Tibetan Bowls: sound has been used since time immemorial for the meditation and healing. At AïA’s house we remember the ancient knowledge in our day to day.
  • Gong Bath: the Gong Bath invites us to immerse ourselves in relaxation deep through sound with great benefits for the body and soul of those who practice it.
  • Awakening Ritual: ceremony that moves the body’s energy in the direction suitable to harmoniously activate the qualities of the Self.
  • Sulpay Ritual: Sulpay is a Quechua word that means:Thank you. Inspired by Andean traditions, we are going to come together to honor life and connect with gratitude. We will do a small ritual to honor our ancestors in gratitude to those who preceded us. We will raise our intention of healing for our entire lineage to heaven, and we will prepare an offering that each one will then deliver to the elements. The ceremony will be accompanied by music and sacred songs.
  • Cacao Ceremony: we celebrate together on the Rituals Deck in a moment of bonding and encounter the Mayan traditions in a ceremony that fuses ancient traditions and contemporary search of knowledge.
  • Circle Soul Reading: we sit in a circle so that each person receives a message from their own spirit through a channeling technique.
  • Ritual of Transmutation: I greet the 7 courses after that it is proposed to make a fire sacred among the whole group explaining the importance of honoring him as a transmuted element of energy.
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