Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Terms and Conditions

Electronic Funds Transfer Payment

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain very important information about using Electronic Funds Transfer payments with Vacation Express USA Corp. ["Vacation Express"].

By completing the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form ["EFT Form"], the agency signing the EFT Form [the "Agency"] authorizes Vacation Express, with offices in Atlanta Georgia, to make future payments due to Agency by Electronic Funds Transfer [EFT]. The Agency further authorizes Vacation Express to make such payments in accordance with the information set out below:

1] Agency agrees that all affected agreements between the Agency and Vacation Express will be amended to allow EFT payments.

2] This authorization shall remain in full force and effect until Agency revokes it by providing Vacation Express ten [10] days prior written notice.

3] If applicable, the Agency appoints the designated person named below as the Agency's administrator ["Administrator"] to set up and maintain the Agency's bank account information. The Agency agrees that it or its Administrator has the sole responsibility to set up and maintain the Agency's bank account information.

4] If there is any change to the Agency's Administrator after the initial EFT set up, the Agency agrees to provide Vacation Express' Finance Department with at least twenty-four [24] hours notice in writing to Vacation Express USA Corp., 3500 Piedmont Road, Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30305, following a courtesy e-mail to EFTAuthorization@vacationexpress.zendesk.com.

5] Agency hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold Vacation Express harmless for any loss, claim, damage or interest incurred as the result of Agency's depository institution's failure to properly or promptly post any such EFT.

6] When properly executed, the EFT Form will become effective once the EFT profile has been completely set up by the Agency or its Administrator. The disbursement schedule currently is on the 15th and on the last day of the month for any transactions after the 15th, and is subject to change at any time with notice from Vacation Express.