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Costa Rica - Central Valley Cloud Forest Region

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A Central Valley Cloud Forest Region vacation offers a private forest oasis ambiance combined with close proximity to a variety of soft adventure activities. The central valley region of Costa Rica boasts volcanoes, lush plantations and forested hillsides and outstanding weather. Home to national parks and protected reserves, the region provides ample opportunities for nature-enthusiasts and outdoor-lovers. .

Exploring the area’s attractions is easy and convenient. Volcanoes such as Poas and Irazu (the tallest volcano in the country at over 11,000 ft.) are some of the most spectacular in the country and are easily accessible. The splendid gardens of La Paz are located on the slopes of the Poas volcano. This Central Valley Cloud Forest region is rich in biodiversity thanks to an altitude that varies between 4,000 and 5,000 feet, allowing for both cloud forest and rainforest to co-exist. Irazu (last activity in 1996) is known as the 'quiet giant,' and if the fog clears, visitors have a chance to see down into its colorful crater, which constantly bubbles with steam and gases. A well-maintained trail system explores the volcano rim and surrounding ecosystems. Be prepared for a truly magical experience. All things considered, the region's stunning scenery and outstanding lodges may entice you to spend your entire vacation in the Central Valley Cloud Forest.

Activities in the Area:
Some activities include: Rain Forest Aerial Tram, rafting the Sarapiqui River and horseback riding.

Transportation Tips:
Private transfers are only available to and from nearby Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO). Shared shuttle transportation is not available to other regions, so car rental or private transfers are necessary. Driving distance is approximately 1 hour from SJO and 5 hours from LIR.

Travel Tips:
Bring long pants, a camera, a light jacket, swimsuit, binoculars, walking/hiking shoes, rubber soled shoes for water activities, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, a small backpack for excursions and a rain jacket.

Important Note: HOLY WEEK is an important religious holiday in Costa Rica. During late March to early April certain activities operated by local independent tour companies may not be available. Plus, alcoholic beverages may not be available at your resort or at establishments outside the resort.
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