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Destination : Jamaica

Where Blue Waters Meet Beauty

Jamaica: Home of Alright

Jamaica is 4,240 sq. miles of Reggae, romance and everything all right. The third-largest island in the Caribbean has everything between the white-sand beaches and the Blue Mountains, from magnificent sunsets and waterfalls to golf, fine dining and easy-paced relaxation.

Explore Jamaica and discover the culture tucked within its natural paradise. Along the way, travelers can take in the colonial architecture of centuries past and the laughter of the Jamaican people today. With the memories that Jamaica gives, travelers can take away claims to Jamaica's fame, including Red Stripe beer, Blue Mountain coffee and the handmade crafts from local artists.

Nexus Tours

Enhance your stay in Jamaica with Nexus Tours. From zip lining through lush mountains to witnessing history in Kingston, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this island paradise.

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Jamaica is famous for its selection of all-inclusive resorts, some of which are exclusive to Jamaica's beachfront vacation villages. There are Jamaican resorts for every kind of traveler, from kid-friendly to couples-only, so it's no wonder why Jamaica has become the ultimate vacation destination.


Travel Tips, Things to Do & Where to Stay

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

What you need to know before you escape to Jamaica.

Nexus Tours

Nexus Tours

Get out and experience Jamaica beyond the resort.

Jamaica Hotels & Resorts

Jamaica Resorts

Hotels for every budget & taste, just pick your favorite and go.