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Jamaica Deals

Jamaica Deals

Vacation Packages w/ Air & More Great Hotel Deals

Get away to your own island paradise in Jamaica! Book your next trip with Vacation Express for unbeatable package deals to Jamaica. Plan your trip with round-trip or non-stop air to Jamaica, accommodations, local representative and hotel taxes for just one great price. Plus, choose a vacation package that features an all-inclusive resort and enjoy all meals and drinks.

3-Night Packages w/ Non-Stop Air

4-Night Packages w/ Non-Stop Air

6-Night Packages w/ Non-Stop Air

7-Night Packages w/ Non-Stop Air

3-Night Packages w/ Round-Trip Air

Best Hotel Deals from $79* per Night

Traveling within three days? Our Travel Advisors can make it happen! Call 1-800-309-4717 to book.
*Advertised prices available for bookings made electronically through your travel agent or on vacationexpress.com; small service fee of $10 applies when booking through Vacation Express Call Center. Prices are per person, based on double occupancy. For full terms and conditions, hotel and description of all services, please refer to the Vacation Express 2020 Brochure or call for details. Vacation Express now accepts debit cards that offer the same consumer protection as credit cards. Some upgrades are subject to availability upon check-in. Packages at the above prices are based on travel, are limited and subject to change without prior notice and are on coach air with Spirit Airlines, American Airlines or other U.S. certified carriers or Vacation Express public charter flights operated by Swift Air, LLC. Airfares are per person, reflect lowest available airfare at time of printing, are subject to change and are based upon availability of class of service. Baggage charges and allowances vary by carrier and can change frequently. Most major carriers are charging a fee for checked baggage. Some airlines, including Spirit Airlines, are charging a fee for all checked and carry-on baggage. Clients must check their respective airline for the most current baggage information. Book by 11/4/20. Not responsible for errors or omissions. Registered Florida Seller of Travel no. St 38441. State of California Seller of Travel Certificate of Registration #2107538-40.

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