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Travel Update

Vouchers, Rebooking & Extending

All Your Questions Answered

We understand that rebooking, redeeming vouchers and extending your vacation can seem a little tricky, but we are here to help! Browse the most commonly asked questions below and learn how VE makes rebooking a breeze.

A: For a flight change, we highly recommend you reach out to the airline directly to determine the extra cost associated with changing a flight and to have the airline reissue your ticket if a change is made. In some cases, you may be able to do this on the airline's website directly. Any airline change done through Vacation Express will incur an additional $75 per person airline ticket reissuing fee.

For a hotel change, please check directly with the hotel front desk and inquire about availability and rates. You can extend your stay with the hotel directly and additional charges are payable to the hotel. Any hotel stay extensions done through Vacation Express will incur a $75 per room change fee.

If transfers were booked through Vacation Express and the stay is extended, please email [email protected], reach out via text to +52 998 179 4060 or call the NexusTours contact number in your Travel Documents with the new flight information for your pickup to be updated. If your change is made the day prior to departure your transfer will be repurchased as transfers are non-refundable inside 24 hours.

A: A Relaxed Cancellation future travel voucher is an e-voucher that will be emailed to you approximately 7 days after you cancelled your booking. Vouchers issued between March 10-October 31, 2020 are valid for travel until December 31, 2022 and can be used for a deposit on your next trip. Please note, this applies to vouchers issued due to our Relaxed Cancellation policy and does not apply to vouchers issued when canceling with purchased insurance.

A: It is up to each of the travelers, but at least one name on the reservation must stay the same. There are no penalties or change fees to replace other names on the voucher. Please note, this applies to vouchers issued due to our Relaxed Cancellation policy and does not apply to vouchers issued when canceling with purchased insurance.

A: If you don't use the full value of the voucher the balance will not be refunded, but you can upgrade your hotel or room category to maximize the value of your voucher. Since it is valid until December 2022, you can use the balance for a trip at a later time. Please note, this applies to vouchers issued due to our Relaxed Cancellation policy and does not apply to vouchers issued when canceling with purchased insurance.

A: It's just two easy steps to redeem your voucher:

  1. Make your booking online or call our Contact Center. Your voucher is valid for any hotel-only booking or package including airfare.
    • If your booking includes commercial airfare, please make your booking Monday-Friday as airfare must be ticketed the same day.
    • If your booking is hotel-only or includes a Vacation Express exclusive, non-stop flight, you may book any day.
  2. After you book, email [email protected] with your new booking number and original booking number to apply payment.

Please note: You must email your booking number and voucher no later than 5:00pm ET Monday-Friday to ensure voucher payment is processed to secure your booking. If your voucher does not cover the deposit amount of the new booking the balance must be paid immediately in order for the booking not to cancel.

Important: If the value of your voucher includes a bonus credit, this credit will be deducted from the gross selling price of the booking and will not get applied as a payment. Please ensure that when you make your new booking, you send yourself an invoice that shows the original gross selling price. Once VE has adjusted the price a new invoice will be emailed to you showing the reduced gross amount. The balance of your voucher value will then be applied as a payment.

A: If you did not use your insurance to cancel then you can transfer it to your new booking. If you used your insurance to cancel then it cannot be transferred, but a new plan can be added when you rebook. Effective July 21, 2020 Vacation Express announced new vacation protection plans. Click here for more information on the plans.

A: Your airline credit is only valid with that specific airline, and the validity of the ticket is determined by the airline's rules, which is specific to your ticket. In many cases, the credit you have with the airline can also be used with the airline directly, to any of their destinations, even though the original ticket was booked through Vacation Express. Your airline can tell you if your ticket is eligible to be booked directly with them or not. We have noticed that tickets on American Airlines can rarely be used with the airline directly, whereas Delta offers more flexibility. Most other airlines should not be an issue.

If your airline advises you that your ticket cannot be redeemed through the airline directly then Vacation Express will be able to apply your airline credit towards a new VE booking. Note that Vacation Express can only redeem airline credits on the same airline and only to destinations that VE sells. Airlines do not allow VE to use any residual value for seats or bags and we highly recommend that upgrade your class of service in the event you have any ticket value left.

The vouchers referenced above were vouchers that were issued as part of our Relaxed Cancellation program, and vouchers will be noted as such on the voucher.

PLEASE NOTE: Since circumstances change frequently, new policies and procedures are only effective the date they are implemented. Any changes made prior to this date will not be adjusted.