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Huatulco is one of Mexico’s most relaxed vacation destinations; it's a resort town with a small-town vibe. The centerpiece of Huatulco’s charm is a series of nine bays encompassing 36 beaches and numerous inlets and coves, each with its own unique setting and ecology. All are noted for their dream-like beaches of golden sand, crystal-clear water and abundant water-sport activities. If you seek adventure, try a whitewater rafting tour down the Copalita River with plenty of class III and IV rapids, or glide through the jungle on a zip-line tour and see Huatulco from above.

Located on the coast of the state of Oaxaca at the edge of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Huatulco spans 20 miles of Mexico's Pacific coastline. Despite their incredible beauty, the bays remain delightfully unspoiled. In 1988, the Bahias de Huatulco (Bays of Huatulco) National Park was declared a protected reserve with a world-class tourism infrastructure of luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops, discos, golf courses and a small urban zone called La Crucecita. Huatulco nightlife offers a little something for everyone! It was the first destination in North America to achieve the Green Globe environmental certification for its commitment to the highest environmental standards.

Huatulco’s selection for resort development was helped along by its proximity to the state’s capital, the magical city of Oaxaca with its ancient archaeological sites, vibrant and colorful markets, rich colonial architecture and fascinating native cultures; a perfect match for Huatulco’s coastal attractions. Huatulco boasts sunshine over 300 days a year, so bring plenty of sunscreen!
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