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Endowed with a stunning Pacific shoreline sprinkled with beckoning islands, a lovely seaside promenade and miles of golden beaches and blue lagoons, Mazatlan really lives up to its moniker, “Pearl of the Pacific.” Mazatlan has the distinction of offering the best of both worlds. In the newer Zona Dorada (Golden Zone), developed in the 1960s, you’ll find most of the major hotels, shops, bars and restaurants scattered along a wide stretch of golden sand with water sports of all kinds. Meanwhile, in Old Mazatlan, or the Centro Historico (Historic Center), life carries on in the markets, cafes, churches and shady plazas located throughout the beautifully restored traditional neighborhoods just as it did before tourists arrived. You’ll find that the Mazatlecos - as the locals call themselves - are fun, friendly, helpful folks and are genuinely glad to host visitors. With everything from rustic beach shacks to romantic candlelit open-air courtyards, foodies will love the variety of restaurants. As home base for Mexico's largest shrimping fleet, guess what heads most menus? The choice of accommodation ranges from small, family-run hotels to luxurious properties complete with gourmet dining and spas in the Zona Dorada. Mazatlan attracts sports-minded vacationers who like a casual (but active) lifestyle and also want a genuine Mexican vacation experience.

Situated just south of the Tropic of Cancer, Mazatlan enjoys temperate, semi-tropical weather year round. The average temperature is between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The year-round beach weather in Mazatlan provides the final ingredient for a memorable vacation.

Mazatlan is recognized among the "Top 5 Best Mexico Destinations" by U.S. News & World Report and is ranked as one of the top "Top 8 Beaches" to enjoy in Mexico!
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