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What do you think of when you hear "Panama”? The Panama Canal or Panama hats most likely, but it's so much more! Think tropical rain forests, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, river rafting, zip-lining... non-stop action and adventure. Panama is an ideal vacation destination for families or adventure seekers. Enjoy a weekend getaway (it’s just a couple of hours from Miami!) or a romantic escape for your destination wedding. The natural beauty and diversity of Panama will surprise you. As awe-inspiring as the Panama Canal is, it is even more amazing that it is surrounded by one of earth’s most biologically diverse ecosystems. This narrow corridor of over 300 thousand acres of uncut rainforest is home to almost 70 percent of Panama’s 950 bird species and 65 percent of its 3,000 tree species. The Darien National Park alone offers more than 10,000 species of plants and 700 species of birds. One popular pastime is trekking through the many lush tropical rain forests where nature lovers can find a large variety of flora and fauna. There are only two seasons; the “dry season” from January to mid-May and the “rainy season” from mid-May to December. (Panama is generally not affected by hurricanes.)

Panama is located between Costa Rica and Colombia and borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Once considered as the trade center of the Spanish empire, the Republic of Panama now acts as a natural bridge where modern cities meet nature’s beauty. Panama proudly houses one of the seven wonders of the modern world — the Panama Canal — which has been facilitating ocean transit since 1914. This country’s rich history is reflected in sites such as the fortresses in Portobelo and San Lorenzo, and the charming churches and government buildings of Old Panama. With coasts on both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, Panama boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Panama City’s large shopping districts, such as the Via España and Central Avenue, offer a wide range of boutiques, bazaars, gift shops, jewelry stores and many modern shopping malls, making Panama City an exciting and interesting destination with something for everyone.

Please Note: All visitors must have $500 on their person in the form of cash, check, credit card etc. in order to enter the country of Panama or they will be turned away at the border.

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