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Puerto Plata via Santiago (STI)

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A Puerto Plata vacation package might just be the most affordable and appealing way to escape to the islands. The golden-sand beaches and deep, turquoise Atlantic waters of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic are a great place to launch a myriad of fun-filled daytime activities. Couple that with a wide variety of beachfront, all-inclusive resorts and unique cultural options; add a dash of lively nightlife with casino action and you have Puerto Plata!

Favored by Canadians and Europeans for many years as a popular vacation destination, Puerto Plata has a distinctly European feel and flavor which adds to its appeal. The town of Puerto Plata, surrounded by a spectacular mountain range, offers old-world charm blended with seaside appeal. Puerto Plata hotels appeal to all ages, from couples and families, to the young water-sports enthusiasts looking for the perfect place to try out the hottest kite-surfing equipment!

After arrival at Santiago’s Cibao International Airport, Puerto Plata is a 90-minute ride through the countryside of the Dominican Republic. Taxis and transfers that run roughly every hour are available to and from Puerto Plata so visitors can enjoy the sights the moment the plane lands.

JA TRAVEL makes traveling as a family of five even easier! Choose any Family Plan (FP) resort - resorts that are able to accommodate two adults and three children - to enjoy a vacation tailor-made to suit your family.
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