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Destination : Antigua

All Signs Point to Luxury

A vacation package to Antigua, one of the two Leeward Islands, has all the right ingredients for a exceptional getaway. Visit the English Harbour, where they will find wonderful restaurants and shops with colonial architecture all overlooking the marina.

An island of history and adventure

There are 365 beaches in Antigua; a perfect beach for every day of the year! Most are quiet and protected by reefs, making scuba diving and snorkeling quite popular on the island. Antigua provides culture and tranquility for visitors from all over the world.

Nexus Tours

Travelers will find plenty of adventure in everything from horseback riding and windsurfing to golf and fishing. For the peak of luxury adventure, charter a yacht for a day on the beautiful waters.

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Antigua's hotels are spread along a magnificent coastline. Including family and adults-only options, these resorts will have guests coming for the beaches but getting so much more!


Travel Tips, Things to Do & Where to Stay

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Make the most of your Antiguan getaway.

Nexus Tours

Nexus Tours

Snorkel, scuba, surf & sand—find perfect Antigua excursions.

Antigua Hotels & Resorts

Antigua Resorts

Families, couples & singles: a resort for everyone.