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Destination : Curacao

Colorful Caribbean Paradise

Curacao is a unique Caribbean island home to over 55 different cultures where most people speak four languages! Find perfect weather year round, thanks to the island's convenient location outside the hurricane belt, making every day an ideal day to explore the stunning bays, towns and beaches. Many of the exquisite beaches in Curacao can be found nestled into coves, but the most popular with visitors and locals alike is Playa Kenepa, tucked away on the western side of the island.

A Friendly and Vibrant Island!

Whether you prefer to explore the beautiful underwater reefs or stay on dry land, you'll find Curacao is bursting with color. The capital, Willemstad, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with brilliantly colorful colonial-style architecture that is home to shops and a rich foodie culture that can be experienced in the many sidewalk cafes. Dive below the exceptionally clear water and visit the bright, tropical fish darting in and out of vibrant coral reefs at over 70 dive sites.

There is so much to experience in Curacao that you'll likely find yourself returning to this friendly, diverse island time and again.

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Dive the coral reefs, drive ATVs over rugged terrain and more in Curacao.

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Take in the local color and culture of Curacao.

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