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Deposit Plans

Easy Options to Lock In Your Trip

Vacation Express offers travelers a number of ways to lock in their vacation with our Low Deposits for most packages, Reduced Deposit Plan and the ability to finance your vacation through Uplift Pay Monthly.

Reduced Deposit Plan [RDP]

Reduced Deposit Plan is a Vacation Express exclusive tool that allows you to pay only $300 per person, regardless of ticket cost, and be fully ticketed on most major carriers. If you book a package with air on most major airlines and a hotel more than 30 days prior to departure, you can purchase a Reduced Deposit Plan for just $275 plus a $25 fee per person making your total deposit due $300 per person [plus the optional trip insurance, if purchased]. For those who cancel their trip 31 days or more before departure, the RDP fee of $25 and the deposit of $275 are non-refundable. If the trip is canceled 30 days or less prior to departure, normal cancellation penalties apply. To fully protect your total RDP deposited amount, you can add one of our vacation protection plans. If you used the reduced deposit plan [RDP] for your booking you must have paid for your airline ticket in full in order to receive the airline ticket for future use. Any claims for reimbursement of your RDP and total deposited amount must be filed with the insurance company.

Low Deposits

Vacation Express also offers low deposits on most vacation packages. For Vacation Express' exclusive flight-only bookings or packages including exclusive Vacation Express flights, a deposit of $225 per person is due by 9 p.m. EST on the day of the booking if you book more than 30 days prior to departure. For bookings with airfare on a major airline, a deposit of $100 per person plus the value of the air ticket(s) is due by 9 p.m. EST on the day of the booking. Most hotel-only bookings made more than 30 days prior to departure require a deposit of $50 per person. Groups, Early Booking Bonuses, bookings made during peak periods and other special bookings may have different payment and cancellation policies.

UpLift Pay Monthly

Another option for purchasing your vacation is UpLift Pay Monthly. You can select to make monthly payments on your vacation by choosing "Book Now, Pay Monthly" when completing your booking. By taking out a loan with UpLift, you can make low payments each month over the next 11 months, even if this is after your trip. For more information, click here for UpLift's FAQs.