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Get Your Special Group Booking Code Here

Your special booking code will link all of your group's reservations together, ensuring the smoothest booking process possible. We look forward to assisting you with your group's personalized needs! As an extra booking bonus, resorts that offer an additional rebate are noted with [$]. These rebates are refunded after travel.

All hotels have a minimum number of rooms required to request an Express Group Code. You can find the room requirements here. For example, if your preferred hotel has a minimum requirement of 10 rooms before concessions are offered, you cannot request your code until you have booked and made a deposit on the hotel's minimum requirement of 10 rooms. If you have more than one room booked on a reservation, you may list that booking number twice when submitting the booking numbers via this form. Note, some hotels also have a maximum number of rooms allowed to be booked for an Express Group. Please refer to the Express Groups Hotels Chart for details. Some hotels may cancel your group if the maximum allowed is exceeded, and the hotel may require you to convert your group to a contracted group instead.

Once you meet the hotel's minimum requirement for concessions and rebates, you can request your Express Group Code with the form below. Your confirmation letter will include your eligible group concessions and/or rebates provided by the hotel.

IMPORTANT: Rooms must be reported to hotels 50 days prior to departure date. For this reason, Vacation Express cannot generate an Express Group Code inside of 50 days. Rooms must be reported 65 days prior to some hotels, such as Hyatt Inclusive Collection, Hard Rock Hotels, UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya, NOBU Los Cabos and Palace Resorts. Codes for these hotels cannot be requested inside 65 days.

If you are a travel agent, please click Sign In above and find the travel agent Express Groups Request Form in the menu.