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Palmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del CarmenPalmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del CarmenPalmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del Carmen

Palmaia - The House of AiA, Playa del Carmen


The gorgeous Palmaïa - The House of AïA is a forward thinking, sustainable beach enclave where guests experience a unique blend of ancient traditions and international influences. This resort is a sanctuary nestled between the glistening Caribbean Sea and the lush, Mayan jungle. Be one with your surroundings without sacrificing luxury amenities and thoughtful, gourmet dining.


All-Inclusive PlanOceanfront314 Rooms4 Restaurants2 BarsFamily Friendly


Palmaïa - The House of AïA is more than just a luxury beach resort. This is a sanctuary where travelers can discover themselves through deep exploration of the physical and the subconscious. This beautiful resort is a paradise of eco-nuances and intangible delights that sits between the natural habitats of jungle and sea. This unique resort offers a vacation retreat unlike anything you have ever experienced before with lovely suites, exquisite dining options and stunning views of the Caribbean as well as the opportunity for guests to learn more about and experience first-hand sustainability efforts, a plant-based lifestyle and the amazing culture that surrounds the area. Palmaïa - The House of AïA is a place to refresh and find balance through mind, body and spirit.

AïA is used as a reference to explain the human connection to nature - a double-sided mirror to our true, inner selves. She is harmony and disruption, the source, the circle of life, the root of meaning, and the giver of purpose. Let her guide you.

Principles of AïA
The principles of AïA include natural inclusion, balance, self-expression, non-violence, participation and absolute respect. By incorporating these principles, Palmaïa is creating a safe space for guests to come as they are and explore the world around them as well as the one within. They also encourage respect and kindness among humans, animals and nature as we coexist.

Sustainable Efforts
When vacationing at Palmaïa, you can rest assured that you are doing good for mother nature with the resort's amazing sustainability efforts taking place. Palmaïa has eliminated all plastic bottles from the property and great care has been taken to safeguard the property's natural landscape. Plus, the resort is currently working to become one of the first carbon-neutral resorts in the world by leasing their energy from solar panels and other renewable sources.

Supporting Plant-Based Lifestyles
To live at the House of AïA is to live in conscious balance with all living things.
All restaurants offer vegan options, as Palmaïa believes that veganism is a declaration of non-violence:

  • towards yourself by eliminating the toxic foods that slowly kill you
  • towards animals, birds and fish by eliminating all unnecessary suffering brought about as part of the modern food chain
  • towards the planet, because the animal food industry is the leading cause of planetary environmental degradation and global climate change

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